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Think you’re combat ready? This reloaded ammo Orange County distributor is about to put you to the test. Let’s see if you match up to the country’s best and brightest.

The steady advancement of the US military and investments by the government provide our troops with the most optimal training environments possible. The Army’s physical training test has undergone several advancements over the last few decades. Because of this, our soldiers stand as much more than a man with a gun and ammunition.

The Current U.S. Army Physical Combat Proficiency Test consists of two main categories:


  1. For individuals who are not undergoing individual training, they are tested with a five-event system. Like throwing, traversing, crawling, dodging, jumping and running. Specifically, the events consist of physically rigorous tasks such as a 40-yard crawl; grenade throw; 1-mile run; a horizontal ladder, in addition to a dodge, run and jump test.
  2. For those undergoing AIT, CST, and BCT the same skills are tested with the exception of grenade throwing. Instead, personnel is tested in weight carrying. Here, they must perform a 150-yard man carry.

40-Yard Crawl

The 40-yard crawl is a rigorous test of endurance and technique. When personnel takes this test, they assume a prone stance at the starting line. Measuring the time from the starting signal to the time it takes for one’s hand to touch the finish line.

Horizontal Ladder

This tests one’s body coordination. The horizontal ladder event involves propelling one’s body across a horizontal ladder. They do this using his or her hands over the course of 1 minute. Final scores depend on distance traveled.

Dodge, Run, Jump

This test examines agility. The dodge, run, jump event tests personnel’s ability to rapidly change directions while still maintaining balance and proper footing. The event course consists of standing obstacles, as well as, a 6 ft. ditch.

Grenade Throw

Testing one’s strength and accuracy, the grenade throw scoring much like archery. Personnel receives additional points for precise throws.

150-Yard Man-Carry

This event tests one’s strength and balance. Personnel carry a man of equal weight as far as possible in an allotted amount of time.

1 Mile Run

Aptly named, the 1 mile run tests one’s endurance. The competitors attempt to run a mile in the shortest amount of time possible.

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